Personal Development Planning

The PDP form that I filled out at the beginning of term is coming along nicely. I’ve created a schedule and task list to help me improve on each point. Most of them are practice based because I felt like this was a criteria that I needed to improve on the most. My research skills have served me well throughout Uni, and I don’t have difficulty reading or retaining information, so I’m not concerned with the research part of my project. The thing that I am concerned about is being able to effectively apply my research into physical formats. I love creating, but I often feel as though I fall short of my own expectations, and of the standard that I should be creating at. But, that’s why I’ve made the schedule, and it’s why I’m making a point to step outside of my comfort zones this year and experiment much more. I’ve yet to delve heavily into the ‘making’ side of my personal development, but that is on it’s way!

I certainly feel like this is a realistic plan for me, and I can achieve great improvements in the time I’ve assigned myself.



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