RSA Awards

The new term starts! This term I’m doing a group project in which I’m teaming up with two graphic designers/illustrators to compete in the RSA Student Awards. The brief we’ve decided on is the Moving Pictures brief. The overview is to create an animated accompaniment to a one minute audio clip from one of the ‘RSA Talks’ lectures. There were two options for which audio clip to use, ‘Live with Less’ and ‘Building Possible Futures’. Our group collectively chose ‘Building Possible Futures’, after listening to both clips. The description of the clip in the RSA brief is as follows;

‘Author and teacher Debra Kidd argues that education has become fixated on conformity and compliance at the expense of creativity. What might be done to reform the system from the bottom up? In this excerpt, Kidd describes a role for education that is about building possible futures for children so that they can dream and imagine for themselves.’

We believe that this clip will allow us to explore different individual skill sets, and give us freedom to create a beautiful and thought inspiring animation.

As part of the preliminary group evaluation we have all done an individual skill set review.

Strengths: I have strong knowledge of multiple mediums, including sculptural and drawn. I am confident in using both traditional and digital illustration methods, with my strongest being pencil and Photoshop. Although I am an animation student, I prefer illustration and sculptural processes, although I have plenty of knowledge of most animation methods, including hand drawn, stop motion and 2D. I enjoy designing narratives and story elements, creating characters and worlds from scratch. I have great organisation, reading and writing skills.

Weaknesses: I have very little knowledge of Illustrator or InDesign, and I’m definitely not great with layout, although I’m working hard to improve in it. I have a tendency to jump straight into a project with one idea and begin working on it immediately, instead of exploring as many possibilities and avenues as I can. This often means that when I am required to do preliminary research and exploration to fulfil my work requirements, I find a new and better idea to pursue and have to begin my project again with a much closer deadline. I’m also a perfectionist with my work, which can be a good thing, but often results in me spending too much time on development work and ideas, but I’m also hoping to work on this during the RSA project.

Charlotte’s Skillset Review:

Strengths: Strong use of mixed medium. Like to play around with both handmade and digital media. Strong skills on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with Illustrator being my strongest. As a Graphic Design my style is more set on Illustrating, I like to play around with ink and pencil. I also heavily enjoy Vector illustrations and hope to improve on this. Strong eye for detail.

Weaknesses: My writing and reading skills aren’t the best meaning I have to take a lot longer then usual to do any activity using these skills. Sometimes try to over perfect too much in draft pieces when they are just ideas not finals. I am weak with software such as after effects and hope to build on these with this project. I have never made a moving image or stop motion so this will be a new skill I will be working on. My time planning isn’t the best but with the help of the timetable and teamwork this is a easy obstacle.

Lydia’s Skillset Review:

Strengths: I feel like I personally work best using a mixture of both handmade and digital processes. I enjoy working with Adobe Illustrator and Indesign and one of my biggest strengths when using Illustrator is being able to convert any hand drawn image to a vector. I also find layout to be a strong point of mine, I enjoy testing the boundaries of design and also don’t feel scared to try new things.

Weaknesses: I have never done animation or developed an animation before therefore working with programmes like After Effects or Cinema 4D are difficult. I also feel sometimes I put so much effort into development my final pieces aren’t as good as my development, or I am influenced by a completely different idea half way through which effects my finals. I am also the biggest critic of my own work, I am never fully pleased with anything I create because I am constantly looking for areas of improvement. This can sometimes be a good thing but also sometimes is a burden as I spend so much time tweaking and editing stuff to the point where I have lost track of the point of my work.



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