After Effects Final Update

I have finished the animation now! It’s rendering out as I type this, in fact. I found when I revisited the animation to continue during the holidays that a calmer approach was needed. I wanted to change some of the transitions and also make the sequencing easier if I coud, so I found some tutorials online that showed me some new techniques to use. One of my biggest problems that I highlighted in the last update was the overwhelming amount of images I needed to use and how much room they took up in the window. Well I discovered that you could import them as a single file, but a sequence of images, which you can change the frame rate of and also loop over! This info would have made the animating run so much smoother, and also would have reduced the file size. I didn’t want to go back through what I had already done and replace the files, but I used this technique for the rest of the animation and it went so much quicker.

I have developed my After Effects skills ten fold since the start of this project, and I am actually really proud of myself and the progress I’ve made.


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