Meeting Two: Development Review

Today we met specifically to talk about how the development work was going, extra work that needed to be done and also to do some more designs and decide on the characters. The development work is going well, and we have been sharing out the responsibilities evenly. As I have been doing the narrative and technical development Lydia and Charlotte have been doing the research and theoretical development. I thought that I would find it hard to just let them do the other parts of the development without really having much input and taking over, but because I find my team mates so capable and trust them I have found it really easy. This has made all of the development run very smoothly, and after seeing what they have done today I feel very confident in them. Their work in the research and development is up on our wix site, which we are using as a collective platform to combine everyones efforts on this project.

I created some character designs on my own for the teacher and child, as both of my team mates have asked that I design them because of my skillset and aesthetic style.

I am fully enjoying my new aesthetic style! Now using linework makes the images look much softer and child friendly. The girls love my design for the little girl, and after considering how we would best like to represent the main character we decided to step away from the stereotypical pink and worked with a light, bright colour pallette.

little girl concepts  little girl full concept pink

I made up a comparison of natural beiges vs yellows and we all decided that the yellow version was both a better fit to the child friendly narrative and also contrasted best against the background.little girl full yellow and whites comparison

After agreeing on the design for the child we have been working on the teacher design. I made a few designs with different colour pallettes but I didn’t like them as much as the child. We decided to look over some designs from Charlotte, which we liked much better, so I redesigned it with more of Charlottes design as a base and it turnd out much nicer.

teacher design 1 teacher design 2




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