Review and the Future

This project has been very fun, and I have enjoyed working in a group much more than I thought I would. I have been able to surrender total creative control and trust others to support me as well as supporting them. We have all had an incredible group dynamic. There have been no arguments or disagreements, and any creative differences have been resolved through compromise and discussion. It has been suggested to us that we should work together on more projects, maybe even creating a studio together. Although we haven’t had chance to talk about this yet I would be very happy to do this and develop some projects together in our spare time.

In terms of the final animation, we are all extremely happy witht the final piece. We have all agreed that it is a great portfolio piece for each of us. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this animation, as it is different to what I usually do. I would normally work in stop motion or hand drawn animation, and have only used After Effects to compile images until now. I already plan on more After Effects animated projects in the future, particularly for fanimations.



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