Using After Effects: Mid-update

There isn’t long to go before the RSA deadline and I am finding that animating is taking me much longer than I anticipated. I don’t think I’m going to have the whole animation done for the RSA deadline. I’ve found that working with After effects has been very rewarding so far, although as I add more elements to the file and animate them my laptop is taking longer and longer to render out each frame. I am also finding that it is extremely difficult to navigate through all of the elements in the program, especially considering that many of the animated elements use a large amount of images to show the motion, and having all of these images in the same file, having to sequence them out and adding transitions in after effects on top of it all is getting overwhelming. My favourite part of the animation so far are the planets, which were one of the first things I animated. They came out looking so well, and they give me a little hope for the rest of the animation!


Update: The deadline is tomorrow and I am definitely not finished with the animation! I’ll have to do as much as possible and take my time and finish the rest for the final hand in this term.


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