Aims and Objectives

My further research will be in interpreting works of painting, sculpture, film and animation, now that I have fully realised the perimeters I’m working in. These example pieces are just the beginning of a much larger library of interpretations. Parallel to this research into existing examples, I will be conducting my own practice led approach. Creating paintings and sculptural development pieces which will lead to the final outputs of the project. Which are, a series of sculptural pieces that embody each of Freuds conceptual theories, which will then be used in a stop motion animated film. The aim of the final film is as a tool for universal embodiment of all of Freuds concepts. Each one will be used in the film, which will have a carefully considered narrative and draw on the true aesthetic of the uncanny. The aim of the final output is to create a narrative piece that will inspire interpretations of its own. I believe that although the uncanny has very identifiable themes, Freuds concepts should not be regarded as something with a solid explanation, it is open to interpretation, which is why the metaphorical and psychoanalytical approach to the conceptual understanding is so fundamental.


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