Alice Madness Returns Inspiration

As a huge fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland I am also a huge fan of alternate renditions of the story, and ‘Alice: Madness Returns’ is one of my absolute favourites. Aside from being personally drawn to the game, it embodies a lot of uncanny concepts.

The story of Alice to begin with is rife with psychoanalytical content, but it is taken a step further in Madness. The aesthetics are dark and Victorian, and the narrative explores the blurred boundaries between real and imaginary, life and death, sane and insane. There is a disturbing set of repetitive characters and imagery throughout, including an animistic set of child/doll hybrids, and all throughout the game you experience an overwhelming sense of helplessness to the inevitable yet unpredictable misery and unfortunate circumstances you experience.

alice madness returns


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