Art Dolls Aesthetic Inspiration

Using art dolls was a new aesthetic approach for me, as it’s something I’ve only recently become interested in. In terms of the uncanny, the aesthetics of art dolls are well suited. They are often hyper-realistic, which is why a lot of people find them disturbing. They have the properties of automaton, and walk a fine line between life and death with their beautiful yet eerily accurate physical features. Often the dolls are used to embody complex themes or act as a vessel of sculptural exploration.

art dolls

Whilst exploring art dolls I found many of these ‘curious art dolls’ which were very appealing to me. Again, dolls in general embody the concept of automaton, as do these, and although they are not realistic creatures, per say, they have many realistic properties and features. They also incorporate some of the paranormal concept features, often being interpretations of mythical creatures, or cryptozoological ‘specimens’.

curious art dolls


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