Set Design Aesthetics

set design

I have already uploaded this as a post, but felt that I needed to revisit it and clarify the reasoning behind my decision to use this aesthetic style for the set design. I used the key words; ‘Abandoned’, ‘Familiar’ and ‘Lonely’ to describe these ideas, which relate closely to Freuds basic clarification of the Uncanny as a ‘species of frightening that…was once known and had long been forgotten’. The abandonment and disrepair of forgotten buildings is such a perfect aesthetic representation of the idea that something that was once known has become something forgotten, whilst still remaining nestled in the realm of the familiar. Abandoned buildings that still contain remnants of the lives once lived within are an example of blurred boundaries: wavering on a line between past and present, liveable and derelict, and often in the midst of being reclaimed by nature, a man made home for new natural life.


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