Narrative Design

This narrative has been designed to incorporate all of the uncanny elements, using the previous ‘uncanny concepts’ that I was working through. the narrative is split into scenes, each of which focus’ on at least one of Freuds Uncanny concepts. The scenes are split to allow for some creative license with the order, which can be switched around and experimented with, however, the first and final scenes are made to stay where they are because they create a narrative loop. This loop is to reinforce the ‘Unintended Repetition’ concept.

narrative design

I have also started to storyboard, to get an idea of the length and flow of the animation. I’m also, at this point, starting to reflect on my creative processes. The start of sketching for the storyboards marks the start of the physical work. I’m very aware of how long it takes me to do sketch work, particularly storyboards, as  get too bogged down in the illustrative details rather than using the medium to explore the narrative flow, as it should be. I’m going to start doing more sketch work, and focus on limiting my time spent on each drawing. I have already started this practice with my ‘A-Z Concepts’, from the first module, although because those were meant to be illustrative they had to have adequate time assigned to each of them; so the circumstance is a little different.

27 storyboarding



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