Further Character Designs: Rei

I did more designs for Rei, exploring a more feminine ‘lolita’ style. This inspired style came about to explore how the character design would look if it fit into the timeline of the environment, which is Victorian.

I’m not as fond of these styles. They are too feminine and I feel like they get rid of her independent, masculine qualities that were achieved through the post apocalyptic clothing designs.

21 character design

I have also created her face design. I was inspired by the art dolls that I have been researching, and I feel like this style is much more ‘me’ than anything else I’ve done before. I enjoy using a hyper realistic aesthetic, as this will allow me to apply a lot of fine detail to the model. I also had a play around with one of the clothing designs to try to add a little more masculine/post apocalyptic style to it, and also to see the face design applied to the full character.

22 character development


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