Initial Character Designs: Baby

This supporting character has changed a lot. Initially it was supposed to be a fetus, and I explored the designs of this for a while, but I eventually concluded that the form would either be too far from humanoid to evoke the proper viewer response, or it would be too developed and would, again, not evoke the right response. This character is meant to evoke pity, but the initial designs would either be of disgust or horror, so I had to rework the design.

fetus designs

The part of the narrative that this character is in has a lot of supporting doll characters, so it felt much more fitting that the baby should actually be a baby doll. I created some designs that were heavily inspired by the living dolls in ‘Alice: Madness Returns’. This doll is made to look like an organic being trapped inside a porcelain vessel. The main focus of the design was on the face, specifically creating something that was creepy but still not so much so that it was horrific. The narrative itself would play a large part in evoking the correct emotional response to the situation, but the design needed to reflect it too.

doll designs


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