Initial Character Designs: Jorogumo

The Jorogumo is a Japanese mythical creature, and the closest existing creature to my initial design of the character. As a half spider, half human hybrid, the main concern was what the spider legs would look like. I explored several styles, inspired by both real spiders and fantasy art. I want this character to appear both creepy and appealing at the same time. Although I explored the use of a female form too, I am sticking to using a male upper body. I want the male body to be muscular, which decreases the need to explore the form of the torso, but I wanted to add spider-like features to his face. I decided to just include extra eyes, and cover the mouth. I’ll explain this design choice more in a later post along with a fully completed character design.

jorogumo designs 2jorogumo designs 3 jorogumo designs 1


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