Initial Character Designs: Rei

Now that the narrative design has been decided I’m working on character designs. I’m saving the theoretical explanation of each character design for a later post, so for now I’ll just go through the design stages and show my preliminaries. The final designs haven’t been fully worked out yet, so again, they’ll come when I go through the character design theories, when the finals have been thoroughly thought over and explained.

Here are the first designs of Rei; the ‘main’ character.

clothing designs 1 clothing designs 2











I had to decide on a clothing theme for Rei, and was unsure whether or not to make the designs modern, traditional or old. I decided to use modern designs, and developed a design style inspired by post apocalyptic fashion ideas. Using layers of clothing with flexible, fitted shirts and loose, flexible pants gives her design a much more masculine appeal whilst maintaining a ‘strong woman’ essence to her design. I want her to have long boots that compliment the overall theme and also add a stylistic element to the design.

body art designsjewellery designs












I want to include tattoos in Rei’s design. This is for both adding a unique aesthetic to her design, and to offer an opportunity to imply some ‘hidden themes’ using subtle imagery. I tried to use designs that compliment and reflect the nature of the narrative, specifically time and the paranormal.

Her necklace was designed, again, to allow an opportunity for a subtle hidden message, using the gemstone Turquoise, which opens the third eye and releases psychic energy.

rei designs

These designs are a culmination of the preliminary design ideas, combining the body art, necklace, and post apocalyptic fashion designs. Again, these are just preliminary, but I am very fond of these designs. I have chosen to give her pink hair and a curvy figure, to represent femininity. These qualities, combined with the more masculine, loose clothing style is the ideal combination for her and her role in the narrative.




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