Initial Character Designs: The Rake

The Rake has been designed many times, and because it is an existing ‘legend’ I felt it was only fitting to try to maintain much of the original CreepyPasta design as possible, whilst also injecting my own style into it. The initial blind designs were almost frog-like, and I have quickly learnt that using reference images is a given for me. But exploring the form helped me to visualise the kind of aesthetic I’m going for with this particular character. Something thin, grotesque and hyper realistic. I thought a lot of Gollum from ‘Lord of the Rings’ when doing these blind designs.

rake designs 1

Delving back into the CreepyPasta legend and exploring existing fan-art of The Rake, I then created more designs and explored the form of the creature. I have focused specifically on the facial features, hands and feet of it, as these are always the most difficult features for me to design. I used skulls and claws as reference images, and when I come to do the full body design I am using an anorexic female body as a hyper realistic base for the overall form.

rake designs 2 rake designs 3


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