Review and the Future

This project has been very fun, and I have enjoyed working in a group much more than I thought I would. I have been able to surrender total creative control and trust others to support me as well as supporting them. We have all had an incredible group dynamic. There have been no arguments or disagreements, and any creative differences have been resolved through compromise and discussion. It has been suggested to us that we should work together on more projects, maybe even creating a studio together. Although we haven’t had chance to talk about this yet I would be very happy to do this and develop some projects together in our spare time.

In terms of the final animation, we are all extremely happy witht the final piece. We have all agreed that it is a great portfolio piece for each of us. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this animation, as it is different to what I usually do. I would normally work in stop motion or hand drawn animation, and have only used After Effects to compile images until now. I already plan on more After Effects animated projects in the future, particularly for fanimations.



After Effects Final Update

I have finished the animation now! It’s rendering out as I type this, in fact. I found when I revisited the animation to continue during the holidays that a calmer approach was needed. I wanted to change some of the transitions and also make the sequencing easier if I coud, so I found some tutorials online that showed me some new techniques to use. One of my biggest problems that I highlighted in the last update was the overwhelming amount of images I needed to use and how much room they took up in the window. Well I discovered that you could import them as a single file, but a sequence of images, which you can change the frame rate of and also loop over! This info would have made the animating run so much smoother, and also would have reduced the file size. I didn’t want to go back through what I had already done and replace the files, but I used this technique for the rest of the animation and it went so much quicker.

I have developed my After Effects skills ten fold since the start of this project, and I am actually really proud of myself and the progress I’ve made.

RSA Hand In

We didn’t manage to get the animation finished for the hand in, but it still looks really nice and came out better thn I thought. We recieved compliments from tutors who have seen it so far, and we’re all happy with it’s development.

We also conducted our group meeting to discuss the final hand in requirements. Lydia and Charlotte are going to finalise and compile the wix website whilst I finish the animation. It’s at this point that we are all also very aware of our second module, and with half term coming up we all wanted to spend a lot of time doing work on our process module. Luckily, at this point, we are in the final stages of this module and are almost finished with everything. The rest of the work to be done on this project can be done very casually.

Using After Effects: Mid-update

There isn’t long to go before the RSA deadline and I am finding that animating is taking me much longer than I anticipated. I don’t think I’m going to have the whole animation done for the RSA deadline. I’ve found that working with After effects has been very rewarding so far, although as I add more elements to the file and animate them my laptop is taking longer and longer to render out each frame. I am also finding that it is extremely difficult to navigate through all of the elements in the program, especially considering that many of the animated elements use a large amount of images to show the motion, and having all of these images in the same file, having to sequence them out and adding transitions in after effects on top of it all is getting overwhelming. My favourite part of the animation so far are the planets, which were one of the first things I animated. They came out looking so well, and they give me a little hope for the rest of the animation!


Update: The deadline is tomorrow and I am definitely not finished with the animation! I’ll have to do as much as possible and take my time and finish the rest for the final hand in this term.

Island Elements

This is a compilated gallery of all of the elements that are in the animation. I haven’t included all of the image sequences because they would take up a lot of space, but you will be able to see the animated elements in the final animation anyway.

Childs Drawing Design

One part of the animation in the beginning focuses on a childs drwing, and I was unsure of the aesthetic style to use for it. I experimented with a crayon effect, a colouring book affect and a cut out effect.

kids-drawing kids drawingdrawing

We all agreed that the cutout style was the best and suited the aesthetic style of the rest of the animation best. We all really love the cutout images of the children, man and couch so these are going to be used in the final. I have to highlight here that this is a different transition design than in the original animatic, but we preffered a ‘cut and stick’ childs picture to the pop-up magazine.

BBC Workshop Two: Presenting the Idea

Today we presented our idea to the chaps from the BBC and also to our tutors. A a group I felt we presented well and communicated our ideas well. As Lydia has the most experience with layout design she created the presentation, Charlotte compiled the research and I provided the icons whilst starting work on the island elements for the animation. We recieved great feedback for our presentation content and delivery, although one thing that we were advised to do was talk about our final output earlier, instead of over filling the beginning with research and ideas.

Meeting Two: Development Review

Today we met specifically to talk about how the development work was going, extra work that needed to be done and also to do some more designs and decide on the characters. The development work is going well, and we have been sharing out the responsibilities evenly. As I have been doing the narrative and technical development Lydia and Charlotte have been doing the research and theoretical development. I thought that I would find it hard to just let them do the other parts of the development without really having much input and taking over, but because I find my team mates so capable and trust them I have found it really easy. This has made all of the development run very smoothly, and after seeing what they have done today I feel very confident in them. Their work in the research and development is up on our wix site, which we are using as a collective platform to combine everyones efforts on this project.

I created some character designs on my own for the teacher and child, as both of my team mates have asked that I design them because of my skillset and aesthetic style.

I am fully enjoying my new aesthetic style! Now using linework makes the images look much softer and child friendly. The girls love my design for the little girl, and after considering how we would best like to represent the main character we decided to step away from the stereotypical pink and worked with a light, bright colour pallette.

little girl concepts  little girl full concept pink

I made up a comparison of natural beiges vs yellows and we all decided that the yellow version was both a better fit to the child friendly narrative and also contrasted best against the background.little girl full yellow and whites comparison

After agreeing on the design for the child we have been working on the teacher design. I made a few designs with different colour pallettes but I didn’t like them as much as the child. We decided to look over some designs from Charlotte, which we liked much better, so I redesigned it with more of Charlottes design as a base and it turnd out much nicer.

teacher design 1 teacher design 2



Storyboards and Animatic

This is our storyboard and a breakdown of the storyboard in relation to the audio. This is still up to some creative deliberation, and will change slightly as the project develops.

storyboard Scan_20160206 (4)

Using these I have created the animatic. I drew out the storyboards and compiled them into a movie as I am most used to doing this kind of thing, and we decided that it would be better for me to do it as I am most familiar with what needs to be included in a storybard and animatic to best represent the idea fo the animation.

BBC Workshop One: Ideation

In this first workshop we were encouraged to look at our chosen brief and perform idea generation using the ‘Red Ant Man’ method. Unfortunately, by this point, we have already started developing our idea and don’t have the luxury of extra time to rethink it because it is an animation brief. Although this workshop did allow us to identify other problems we may face in the development phase, I feel like it was more useful to those doing the other briefs, which were all design briefs, as all of the other groups were still in the initial idea generation stage.


Combining Elements

We worked with everyones renditions of the island to create a new design. We all decided on elements from veryones designs, and here you can see our working of which elements from each persons island will be used in the final. We prefered a vector, lineless, illustrative style, with bright colours and universal symbolism.

combining elements

From this we have been able to come up with a final design for the islnad, which Lydia created using everyones source files for the images.

combined island

We love a lot of Charlottes elements, so have included them, and prefer Lydias island base and pyramid. The others also really like my illustrative style, and prefer the details in some of my elements. I tried out a new, lineless style, and redesigned a few elemets on the request of Lydia, which turned out really lovely! I love this new style and am implementing it in my other projects.


Developing the Idea

We have decided on the Island idea from the previous post, and have developed a basic idea from the previous renditions that we came up with. We love the floating island version the most, as we feel that this will allow is to include the element of ‘magic’ more, as specified in the RSA brief marking criteria.

Island Development

We have decided to all create our own rendition of the island in our individual styles, with the aim to combine elements that we like from each one, or choose our favourite. The elements on the island are all representative of teaching subjects and child development.

First Ideas

These are the ideas we have come up with for the narrative accompaniment to the audio. We have decided on the theme of education and creativity.

Idea One: Use childrens drawings to create the piece, turning drawings into transformed illustrations to show the development and growth of creativity.



idea 1

Idea Two: A stop motion animation set in a childrens playroom, using toys to create an accompaniment to the audio.idea 2

Idea Three: ‘Imagination Island’. This is our favourite idea. Creating an island that grows and develops during the course of the animation, with emphasis on using the fun element of education, but including all kinds of taught subjects.island ideas