Documentation Presentation

This is the presentation of my project documentation, and with these pieces I made an extra effort with the layout. I’ve never done much with layout, so I’m actually quite proud of these. The layout suits my style and I discovered that a new book I received, ‘Altered Curiosities’, uses a very similar layout style.



Sketchbook Gallery

The Open Work

In this workshop we were given a set of rules or perimeters in which to work in, but were encouraged to interpret the rules in any way we wanted. The work was open, as long as it followed some basic guidelines. Our group of four had to follow these rules; Draw a circle and fill it in. Each member of the group now works clockwise with 30 seconds to add to the circle, improving on it’s shape. Stop when the circle is perfect.

There were some good interpretations of this project, including one group who drew the first circle, filled it in and left it at that because the circle was considered perfect to them and could not be improved on. Our interpretation was to follow the guidelines in terms of the overall circular shape, but add pattern, so the shape was circular overall but the lines were made up of shapes and drawings.


The Psycho-geographical Library

In this workshop we worked with the concept of letting your mind lead you in any direction it chooses. In the context of the library, the aim was to just wander in the library, making note of whatever literature we wanted. There was no topical focus, we could put down any book we wanted. Many of us stuck in our realms of practice and our interests, which is expected as the exercise was about exploring whatever we wanted to. It was an interesting exercise to then try to link everyones’ choices together in a large branched collection. There were, surprisingly, links between almost all of the choices. This was an excellent exercise into exploring/discovering zones of interest outside of strict perimeters.