Designing an App

In this workshop we are analysing an existing app and designing our own that relates to our FMP.

Analysing an existing app.


We analysed the app, Stumble upon, which is an online web sharing app. You sign up, select your personal interests and the site offers up a website linked to them. Each time you ‘stumble’ you are offered a different site, which you can like and dislike to narrow the search field. We highlighted extra info and one of the best features, which is ‘Stumble DNA’, a chart that shows the ratio of interests of liked websites.

Designing an App.

As part of my FMP I am making sculptural supporting pieces. I wanted to create a game style app that would allow the user to explore a selection of 3D sculptures in a fully augmented space. Each sculptural piece would be fully explorable, enhanceable and interactive, with animated functions and hidden messages. The tagline I came up with for it was, ‘an app that actively seeks to perform unexpectedly’.


I’ve called this app ‘ The Uncanny App’, and I’m going to redesign it with better graphics. I might also come up with a different name for it too.


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